Why have a portrait session with Julia Gold?

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I often hear customers say they dont like being photographed or that they are not photogenic, or that they never even thought of having a portrait photo session with a photographer. …What? Yes, I think that is a missed opportunity to really see your beauty in all the different faces it can show and how that can change in every moment.

During my photo sessions I support a relaxing atmosphere so you can enjoy a sooth photo session with me. I really like listening to you and when needed guide you along our portrait journey. There is nothing wrong in feeling a little hesitant or shy in front of my camera! We can work with that and soon it will be passed. Maybe you are also super confident and have never explored other sides of you. Great! I love to make them visible for you. Where ever you are on your journey I will gift you with a wondrous and joyous photo session Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and UK.

I always make sure to find the perfect location for our photosession with the perfect atmosphere that suits you. It could be indoors, outdoors, morning or evening sunlight. I love to consider all your ideas and offer the perfect fit for your photosession. Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, UK! Contact me with your ideas and I create a marvellous portrait session for you. Blessings, yours Julia Gold.

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